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We regularly share the good news of Jesus, on Pride Hill in Shrewsbury

If you see us there, feel free to come and talk to us! (We do wear identification showing we're from The Well.)



The world's way: "If I have enough, I will be content."


The Christian way: "If I am content, then I have enough."




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Welcome to the Well

We are a Christian church based in Shrewsbury, England.  

You can find us at 3A The Square, Shrewsbury Town Centre (entrance to the right of "Fat Face".)


Everyone Welcome

Whatever your beliefs may be, we warmly invite you to one of our meetings, discussion groups, or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. 



Sundays 10:30 am WORSHIP GOD
Thursdays 7:30pm STUDY THE BIBLE 
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 noon - 1:30pm DISCUSS GOD  
Everyone welcome - just drop in!
If you see our door open at other times, feel free to come in.  Otherwise please call 01743-249804, or visit our Get In Touch page.


Maybe you believe in God.  Maybe you don't.  Maybe you're just not sure.

Does it matter?  Is there any way of finding out?  Any way of being sure?

If you're not content to just get by and hope for the best...

If you're willing to take a good look at some of the available evidence...

Then this booklet is for you.

 Click on the image to access it online, or contact us for a free printed copy.

Enjoy the journey!

Music from The Well

Good Food for Christians

A series of lively conversations designed to strengthen and edify Christians everywhere.