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We often share the good news of Jesus, on Pride Hill in Shrewsbury, on Wednesday and Saturday lunchtimes.

If you see us there, feel free to come and talk to us! (We do wear identification showing we're from the Well.)


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Welcome to the Well

We are a local Christian church based in Shrewsbury, England.  

You can find us at 3A The Square, Shrewsbury Town Centre (entrance to the right of "Fat Face".)


Everyone Welcome

Whatever your beliefs may be, we warmly invite you to one of our meetings, discussion groups, or for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee. 



Sundays 10:30 am Main Worship Meeting
Thursdays 7:30pm Bible Study 
Tuesdays & Thursdays 12 noon - 1:30pm "Conversations with God" (Informal discussion around what God says about personally relevant topics).
To arrange to visit us at other times, please call us on 01743-249804 or visit our Get In Touch page.

Truly Free

Are you free?  Who, or what governs you? Humans have always longed and cried out for freedom. 

  • We want to be free on a national level - not to be dictated to by oppressive governments. 
  • We want to be free on a social level - to choose our work, our friends, our activities and interests. 
  • Above all we need to be free on a personal level.  Free to do what we will. 

Even if we live in a democracy, in a free society, there is no guarantee that we are free in ourselves.  Freedom is essentially on the inside, in our heart.  

So the question remains, who, or what governs you?

You may say, “I am free”, but in reality be a slave to your own greed, pride, anger, or lust.  While those things govern us, we are not free. 

  • Jesus said Whoever sins is a slave to sin (John 8:34). 
  • In other words, whoever lives their life on their own terms rather than God’s terms, ends up being a slave to their own wants.
  • Whoever lives a self-centred life rather than a God-centred life is not free.   

Jesus died to set us free from our sin. 

  • Self-centredness always leads to death.  On the cross, Jesus took our self-centredness on himself, and died in our place. 
  • Through his death, we can be set free from our sin. 
  • He then rose to life again - and is alive forever. 
  • Through his resurrection, we can be given the free gift of new life, eternal life; a life which is God-centred, not self-centred.  This is freedom.

Freedom is always found in relationship, never in isolation.  Jesus said, You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). 

  • The truth isn’t just facts or information. 
  • The truth is a Person - Jesus Christ. 
  • When you know Him in a living relationship,  He sets you free.

He went on to say, If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36).   If Jesus, the Son of God, sets you free, you are truly free. 

Turn your life over to Jesus today.  In Him, you will find the freedom you are longing for.  The whole world will be a better place for it, because with God at the centre of our lives, we’re free to wholeheartedly love others as well.

Britain's Opportunity

Britain stands at a crossroads in history, with a unique (and time-sensitive) opportunity to choose what kind of nation she wants to be going forward.  It’s not difficult to recognise the growing hardness of heart across the world. 

  • The recent U.S elections ushered in a new emphasis on self-centredness. 
  • This mirrors the Russian administration’s violent commitment to dominate others,
  • It dovetails with the Chinese administration’s cruel subjugation of many of its people in order to gain economic and political benefits.

Britain has never been, and is not now, guiltless when it comes to self-centredness.  Yet in her foundations and heritage there is a strong, pervasive emphasis on human worth and dignity; justice, care, concern, compassion.  In the face of the growing darkness internationally, it’s more important than ever that Britain take a stand for these principles - however much it costs us.

It’s Britain’s Christian heritage that’s led to these principles being such a part of the fabric of her society.  In fact, only the Christian worldview can offer this. 

  • Having been created by an infinite, personal God, we have inherent worth. 
  • This God gave His Son to die for each one of us  - forever demonstrating that love is the supreme ethic - He loves each one of us. 
  • Thus every human being has inherent dignity and worth, and should be loved. 

This is in stark contrast to all other religious and non-religious worldviews.

  • Eastern and New Age religions, teach that the ultimate ground of being is impersonal; and that the individual ultimately doesn’t matter. 
  • Islam teaches that God only loves those who love him.
  • Materialism and naturalism teach that God does not exist and therefore we are nothing more than the ‘chance collocation of atoms’.  Thus human beings can’t possibly have any inherent worth; and love is ultimately nothing more than a chemical reaction, of no more essential value than hate. 

Both history and the present are full of the tragic and terrifying evidence of what happens when these ideas are lived out to their logical conclusions.  

Britain must, as a nation, recognise the urgency of taking a stand for those time-honoured principles of inherent human worth and dignity; and love and compassion towards all people.  As individuals, we must realise that the only ground those principles stand on is the reality of a Creator God who has revealed himself in His Son Jesus.  He freely offers each one of us a personal relationship with Himself, if we will turn to Him.  Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart (Hebrews 3:15).    

What's Britain's goal?

What’s our particular goal as a society?  What are we focused on and aiming for?

Political stability?  Economic security and prosperity?  Personal happiness or contentment?

Or is our goal love
Love means to seek the best for all others, at whatever cost to myself.
If anything other than love is our goal, we will experience weakness, disappointment, and ultimately the collapse of our hopes - because only love can fulfil and sustain a person or even a society.
If love is our goal, it can only be found in God.  He is love. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights (James 1:17)
The Bible tells us that God didn’t spare his own Son  - but freely gave Him up for us all.  And in turn, his Son Jesus freely gave up His life for us all.  He did this to bring us into the love of God the Father, who, if we turn to Him, transforms us by the power of his Holy Spirit so that we can too love with his love.  
Will you open your heart up to God through Jesus Christ? 
Will you allow him to transform your heart so that your highest goal is love - His love; and so that He can give you the power to love like He does?