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 The Well at Oswestry Market

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07432 668 696 


 Struggling with a pregnancy?

Pregancy Crisis Helpline

0800 368 9296


 Being exploited or need help for someone else?

Modern Slavery Helpline


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What to expect


We meet together to get to know Jesus better and to share the good news about him with others.

Expect some music and a talk or discussion about Jesus. Our meetings typically last about 90 minutes. Then those who want to, stay around to chat for a while over some refreshments.


We have a room for young children, clearly visible from the main meeting room.  Parents of young children are welcome to use that room during and after the meetings if they want to.  There are toys, books and colouring items.

More info

It can be scary to step into a new place for the first time! We understand this. If you want to get in touch with us to ask questions or find out more before you come, we'd be happy to help. Just give us a call on (01743) 249804 (answering service), or write to us via the Get In Touch page.  

We look forward to meeting you.  

Our relationship with other Christian groups

We work closely with churches of various Christian traditions in Shrewsbury, across the UK and the world. 

Currently we're not working directly with any other churches by the name of 'The Well', except 'Ministerio La Fuente' in Honduras.